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The Collective

Peter Otto


The Cleveland Orchestra

Violinist Peter Otto is First Associate Concertmaster of The Cleveland Orchestra, and previously Assistant Concertmaster of the Saint Louis Symphony. He was born and raised in Germany, where he completed most of his training. He went on to the Juilliard School for Graduate School and has resided in the United States ever since. He is passionate about music and violin is his medium. He doesn’t discriminate when it comes to music, and enjoys a broad range of things from Britney Spears, Lana del Rey and Lady Gaga to Beethoven, Penderecki and Pierre Boulez. Some things make him want to dance, some make him want to cry and tear his hair out, some take him to a serene or introspective place. His journey on the violin has been finding his own voice, but at the same time finding that symbiotic relationship with composers that allows him to be unapologetically himself while also getting deeper into the text and subtext of a composition. Some pieces inspire him melodically and from a vocal vantage point, some are like a mathematical puzzle waiting to be figured out. Others go to amazing lengths to express the existential angst of our times. Basically, any piece where he gets to sing and scream: sign him up.

He has played many concertos starting with a B with many orchestras, but his real passion is exploring and unlocking new music with a group of like-minded adventurous people. He wants to share a creative process with others and to feel like everyone is part of the future of music.

He is so excited about our projects, and ready to be inspired and embark on an amazing journey into the unknown together!