Who can apply for Kaboom Collective?

Kaboom Collective productions and classes are for motivated musicians and artists ages 15-25 who want to experience multi-disciplinary education and are curious about the arts and entertainment industry and want to advance their pre-professional development.

When does Kaboom Collective meet?

The Studio Orchestra meets on Tuesday evenings from 7pm-9pm EST in Cleveland, Ohio. Industry Classes meet online on Thursday evenings from 7pm-8:30pm EST

Where does Kaboom Collective meet?

Rehearsals and industry classes, as well as master classes or special performances, will meet  both in-person and on the proprietary Kaboom web portal in Cleveland, Ohio. Each member is assigned login credentials for easy entry.

When I submit my application, am I applying for all of the Productions?

If you are applying to be a member of the Studio Orchestra or the Composition Team – YES! If you are applying to be a member of a specialty team, like the Animation Team, then it would be for only specific productions.

When does the application process begin?

The application process is open as long as there are positions available. If you are curious, have a question or even if the date listed has passed – EMAIL US and ask! liza@kaboomcollective.org.

Can I apply for multiple productions with different disciplines?

Yes! Example: If you are a composer and an instrumentalist and would like to be in the Studio Orchestra for one production and on the Composition Team for another production, you are welcome and encouraged to submit those applications!

What is the cost for participation?

Tuition for Season 02 is $695. If you are in need of financial assistance, let us know and we will reach out to you with information. No one is turned away for financial reasons.

What are the Industry Classes that are offered?

The Industry Classes are offered as part of your tuition for each production! These are taught by professionals in their respective fields and are an added, but optional part of your experience. These are all offered on a first come basis as the class sizes are small. The classes will change with each production, offering you many opportunities for additional education and experiences!

Who are the educators in the Collective?

The educators in the Collective are professionals from many different areas of specialty in the entertainment industry.

Will we meet in person?

Kaboom Collective is inherently digital, so some programs will be held online.  This allows our students to work with peers and industry experts from around the country! The Kaboom Studio Orchestra will also meet in person in Cleveland, Ohio.

Will Kaboom Tour?

Yes! We have plans to do some pretty radical tours in the (hopefully) near future! They would be mostly in the summer months so that its easier for everyone to participate.