An authentic Hollywood-Style Orchestra that performs and records all of the music at Kaboom. Forty student members study under the direction of conductor and educator Liza Grossman.

A vibrant group of student composers that writes and arranges the music for every Kaboom Production. Students work with and learn from an array of industry professionals and educators like Dr. Clint Needham at Baldwin Wallace Conservatory and Julie Bernstein and Steven Bernstein at Warner Brothers.


As student animators, participants create important visual art while working alongside Hollywood producers and animators. Students study with Rich Arons, an LA-based director and producer of many beloved toons.

Breathing life into every Kaboom Production, student voice actors learn about this unique craft, including recording techniques, marketing, and more. Students study with Paul Rugg, an actor and producer known for The Animaniacs and Freakazoid.

Team Full

Students in Kaboom’s Writing Team work to create, edit, and produce scripts for Kaboom Productions. Working alongside Paul Rugg, writers hone their skill set, drafting compelling stories and designing characters that connect.

Team Full