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An orchestra for you and your future


Kaboom is production-based— a place for curious musicians 15-25 years old. You'll perform and record new music for a wide array of creative productions, including video games, studio albums, music videos, and more.


Students study with the Collective — top educators, experts, and professionals while exploring technical and executive career paths within the music, arts, and entertainment industries.


The studio orchestra is an intimate, professional-level Hollywood-style ensemble of students who record new music while working with and learning from the industry's top professionals

Use your instrument to unlock a universe of opportunity

Your education at Kaboom includes

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When can I start?

Your application is for Series23—our next round of productions that will take place September 2023 to June 2024.

Where is Kaboom?

The Kaboom Studio Orchestra rehearses on Tuesday evenings from 6pm - 9pm at the renowned Baldwin Wallace Conservatory.

What's included?

Tuition for the 10 month program is $725 and includes orchestra rehearsals, studio sessions, sectional workshops, industry classes, music video shoots, live performances, and recording sessions