Kaboom Collective Mission

Deliver groundbreaking arts and entertainment industry education while engaging students in the production of professional content and new art. Kaboom Collective will develop and showcase individual talent while amplifying our collective humanity.

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Thomas C. Moore, President

Julie King, Vice President

Ylonda Rosenthal-Green, Treasurer

Carol Steinmetz Duber, Secretary

Evan Haiman

Steven D. Shafron


If you make a donation before June 2021, you’ll be part of the Kaboom Collective Founders Circle. Your name will appear as a donor in perpetuity. 

VIP • $5,000+

Christine Williams and Ken Frisof

Backstage Pass • $2,500+

Ashly Whitmer Correa Foundation

Liza Grossman and Philip Gould

Betsey and Steve Poe

Linda Quinn

Joseph Weagraff and Adam Bowlby

Box Seats • $500+

Meredith and Bruce Bass

Michael and Beth Berland

Laura and Erol Beytas

Jane and Matthew Coleman

Carol Steinmetz Duber

Thomas C. Moore

Dr. Amanda Opaskar

Dr. Frank and Gail Opaskar

Joanne Rim

Carol and Dean Scheuer

Michael and Jace Sheppard

Reserved Seating • $100+

Sherri Appleton and Marty Resnick

Candace and David Ashton

Frances Baker

Sharon Bigler

Erika Boeing

Philly Brentnall

Giovanni Castiglioni

Samantha Englander

Catherine Gauchat

Bill Gill

Jonny Goldenberg

Linda Grossman

Alicia Hawley

Liesl Hook

Anne and Joseph Juster

Wayne McEachron

Linda Miller

Erika Noble

Laurie Orth

Lavina Pavlish

Bridget and Michael Rotman

Betty and Alan Schenk

Yvette and Ed Slursarski

Edie Unger and Steve Shafron

Standing Room Only • $10+

Liz Coleman

Shoshanna Grossman

Thomas Loeb

Adam Murray

Carrie and James Rhodes