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Eden Rayz


Eden Rayz is a cellist and composer based in Boston, MA. She has toured internationally, recorded, and performed with artists such as Moon Tooth, Third Eye Blind, and Wyclef Jean. Her collaborators often seek her out for the extended cello techniques and special effects that put her on the map as a recording artist for video games, independent film, and genres ranging from pop to bluegrass, experimental music, and everything outside and in between. As a composer, her music has been commissioned and performed by members of the Cleveland Orchestra, the International Contemporary Ensemble, and more. After earning her undergraduate degree at Berklee College of Music, she went on to attain her Master’s Degree in music composition and theory at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. She is an extreme vocalist and lyricist for the death metal bands Angel Grinder and Scaphism. Eden has a private lesson studio with students aged 5-80 whose goals range from increasing dexterity to becoming film composers. In her spare time, Eden cooks a lot of spicy food, pets as many dogs as possible, and provides strategic communications for advocacy campaigns.